Wide-format scanning

Wide-format scanning is used to digitize maps, drawings, posters, plans, etc. with the special industrial equipment help.

Wide-format scanning includes a digital high-quality copy creating or fragments scanning and further gluing using special software.

Wide-format scanning is used for:
– scanning of drawings, graphs, maps;
– scanning of technical and project documentation;
– scanning of engineering plans, schemes on any materials (cardboard, tracing paper, etc.).

Scanned images are transmitted in any required format (including tiff, pdf). Maximum resolution — 9600 dpi.

Additional services:
– export and delivery of the of art object;
– scanning process on the Customer territory;
– improving the quality of art object playback;
– technical retouching;
– restoration.

Approximate prices for the wide-format scanning:

Size Quality Color Correction Price
А3 (less than 297 х 420 mm) 300 dpi No from 20,00 uah.
А2 (less than 420 х 594 mm) 300 dpi No from 35,00 uah.
А1 (less than 594 х 841 mm) 300 dpi No from 50,00 uah.
А0 (less than 841 х 1189 mm) 300 dpi No from 80,00 uah.
2А0 and 3АО 300 dpi No need estimation

* Please make an online order or call us for the cost of the service calculation.

The minimum order amount is 1 000,00 UAH.