Text recognition

Nowadays there are many documents, books, publications still exist in paper form. These documents often have historical, scientific or simply informative value. Work with paper editions and their scanned copies is complicated by the complexity of finding necessary information in the text, the inability to copy part of the text and uncomfortable viewing on mobile devices.

Scanline’s text recognition service consists in converting the text (scanned copy of the document) into convenient electronic formats for text editors (* .doc, * .rtf, * .txt, * .pdf / A, * .epub, and others).

All kinds of printed primary sources can be recognized: books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Types of recognition:
– Automatic recognition
This type is implemented by the built-in software tools without manual verification by the operator. In this case, mistakes are possible — it depends on the quality of the primary source and the types of fonts used.

– Recognition with verification
This type, in addition to automatic recognition, includes manual verification by the operator, who checks the recognized text for mistakes and corrects them based on the context of the source.

Text recognition advantages:
– fast and convenient information search;
– work convenient and easiness of making changes;
– information safety.

Text without recognition

Recognized text

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