Books scanning

Digitize any books, including a small angle of disclosure with the help of professional equipment.  

Scanning of books are used by many galleries, auctions and private collectors. Digital copies are used for filling digital libraries, reading in mobile applications, museum demonstrations.

– unlimited period of the copies of originals storage;
– high-quality storage and reduction of the originals deterioration;
– access to books, which originals are in poor physical condition;
– the possibility of the original’s restoration by printing (in case of loss);
– text recognizing allows applying text search.

The scanning service includes:
– secure books scanning with the necessary resolution (from 200 to 600 dpi)
– primary processing of electronic images (edges trimming, pages alignment);
– creation of electronic books in various formats for viewing on a computer, in media kiosks (pdf, djvu, txt, etc.) or using any mobile gadgets (epub, mobi).

Additional services:
– export and delivery of the of art object;
– scanning process on the Customer territory;
– improving the quality of art object playback;
– technical retouching;
– restoration.

Approximate prices for the art objects scanning:

SizeQualityPages processingPrice
Standard А4300 dpiNofrom 2,50 uah/page
Non-standard А3300 dpiNofrom 4,00 uah/page
Non-standard А2300 dpiNofrom 10.00 uah/page

* Please make an online order or call us for the cost of the service calculation.

The minimum order amount is 1 000,00 UAH.