Photos scanning

Save and give a new life to your photos, slides, films, negatives.

This service allows you to immortalize family photos (negatives, slides, films), transfer memory to new generations, and will enable to create own family digital archive or family photobook (album).

Scanline specialists also digitilize medium-format photography films 6×6. Therefore, the results of the hobby, which found a new breath, in reliable hands.

The scanning service includes:
– scanning of negatives on glass;
– scanning of negatives on a film;
– digitization of slides;
– digitization of photographs, family albums;
– scanning of filmstrips and microfilms.

Scanning can be performed with a maximum resolution of up to 4800 dpi.

We use professional equipment and modern scanning technologies for digitization, which do not damage the originals, automatic (software) and manual processing tools since each frame is unique and requires careful treatment by specialists.

Additional services:
– export and delivery of the of art object;
– scanning process on the Customer territory;
– improving the quality of art object playback;
– technical retouching;
– restoration

Approximate prices for the negatives, films, slides, photos scanning:

Format Quality Post effects Cost
Film 6х4,5 mm 600 dpi No from 3,50 uah.
Film 6х6 mm 600 dpi No from 3,50 uah.
Slide 24*36mm 600 dpi No from 2,00 uah.
Photo 10*15 cm 600 dpi No from 10,00 uah.
Photo 15*20 cm 600 dpi No from 14,00 uah.
Photo 20*30 cm 600 dpi No from 18,00 uah.

* Please make an online order or call us for the cost of the service calculation.

The minimum order amount is 1 000,00 UAH.