Book scanners are used for scanning of the books, brochures, sewn documents, posters, illustrations, old mapsphotos and x-ray.

Safe lighting provides the preservation of primary sources and eliminates spatial distortions – the effect of the “dark fold” in books and other negative factors.

Our line of book scanners allows scanning of the thick books with a small opening angle, books with inserts (illustrations, diagrams, graphics) and old printed books (manuscripts).

The industrial equipment provides a more high-quality result if compared with the use of household flatbed scanners.


The wide format scanner is used to digitize large format documents. This type of the scanner allows scanning any objects with a width of up to 1000 mm.

The most demanded this equipment is for the digitization of drawings, plans, schemes, and pictures on various media (paper, tracing paper, opaque film or plastic, cardboard with a thickness of up to 20 mm, etc.).


We use a set of professional equipment and specialized software for making 3D photography 360°: automatic rotary platforms, lighting sets, professional photographic equipment, and accessories.

The software allows creating demonstration videos and virtual 3D tours.