3D photo

Scanline specialists execute 3D photography of any objects, in particular, art objects, masters products, and commercial goods.

Special equipment allows creating 360° panoramic that provide the ability to rotate the object in different directions, viewing from all sides, including the top and bottom.

The 3D photo is used by museums, auctions, private collectors, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs.

A digital copy is used for the:
– introduction of virtual 3D tours of the museums and galleries,
– sales in photobanks,
– creation of electronic catalogs,
– placing in online museums and online stores.

– the highest accuracy of the scanning object;
– the using of the received images for printing on 3D printers;
– development of the virtual 3D-tours.

Additional services:
– export and delivery of the of art object;
– scanning process on the Customer territory;
– improving the quality of art object playback;
– technical retouching.
* Please make an online order or call us for the cost of the service calculation.